Reusable Intelligent Pallet Logistic

What is Pallet Pooling?

Pallet pooling is the management of a given pool of pallets within a supply chain. Reusing pallets for several trips meanwhile tracking every movement providing supply chain optimization. Instead of buying and handling your own supply of pallets, you rent them!

Benefits of outsourcing a pallet pooling program :
Pooling reduces the whole complexity of procurement, management, and reduction of waste as well as provides substantial savings to the companies bottom line by reducing the overall trip cost. Organizations that choose to operate their own RTP are essentially running 2 separate business’s. Business’s that choose to avoid the hassle using one-way shipments suffer a high trip cost; leaving the outsourced pallet pooling program a viable option & solution for large manufacturers.

How does Pallet pooling work?

A client places an order and receives his pallets which are then loaded with product and sent to the end-user. RIPL then makes the necessary arrangements for the pallets to be collected, washed and re-issued to another customer.
RIPL uses RFID technology to provide detailed reports about pallet movements. Audits are also conducted at the click of a button!
RIPL supplies, manages and replenishes manufacturers pool of pallets which allows them to focus on their core competency.

Reducing Costs

Working with you to produce a thorough logistic cost-saving analysis for your company.

  • Assessment of current packaging flow
  • Current packaging system comparison
  • Review of durability and sustainable requirements
  • Analysis of cost per packaging unit per journey