Reusable Intelligent Pallet Logistic

About Us

Business philosophy / mission statement: Eliminating one-way packaging by providing a more sustainable solution that is better for both the environment as well as the company.

RIPL: Reusable Intelligent Pallet Logistic
pallet sells and rents light transport packaging equipment such as Plastic pallets of various sizes and designs, IBC’s, crates and slip sheets. RIPL takes pride in introducing several new products to the region that were otherwise unknown, Such as the heavy duty Agri-bin and the one-way export plastic pallet.

RIPL began operations on March 1st, 2019. The company combined a decade of experience in the sales & packaging field to be able to acquire targeted customers. RIPL Pallet is primarily engaged in pallet pooling, availing high quality plastic pallets under various rental models. In our short time since establishment, we have successfully acquired prominent clients and continue to serve their end-users including multinationals and local players.

RIPL takes pride in introducing pallet pooling to the region which was otherwise unknown to business practices and supply chains in the country

We provide Transport packaging Solutions


The pallet industry is by far one of the largest equipment related industries directly related to the overall manufacturing, production, distribution of any product. The larger the manufacturer, the more pallets they require. Although wood pallets count for 80% of total pallets produced. There has been a noticeable interest to make the switch from wood to plastic pallets. Several of the multinational FMCG’s have already made the decision to eliminate waste and one of the ways is by conversion to plastic pallets.

Current Situation

FMCGs are consuming enormous quantities of pallets made of wood in order to keep up with their shipments. Procurement, management and storage of pallets are major pain points for those working in the logistics industry. Product damage, human injury, customer complaints and excess waste are common due to faulty pallets. The amount of forests and trees that are cut down in order to manufacture pallets is astronomical; which in return is killing our environment.

The Solution

By Introducing RTP (returnable transport packaging), an immediate impact is noticed through supply chain optimization, waste elimination, satisfied customers as well as large savings added directly to the bottom line. RIPL offers a total pallet solution by providing a suitable high-quality plastic pallet to meet your business’s needs. With the pallets being imbedded with an RFID tag, we are able to provide complete visibility and valuable data reports at a click of a button. Plastic pallets on the other hand are 100% recyclable making it a green solution for such practices that should be applied in all sectors.