Reusable Intelligent Pallet Logistic

Food and Beverage

Packaging of food products have seen a vast transformation in technology usage and application since the industrial revolution. Physical material, barrier, containment portion control and convenience are only some of the packaging objectives in order to optimize the overall supply chain.
Sustainable & reduced packaging are becoming more frequent.

The motivation can be regulation, consumer & retailer pressure or cost control; while reduced packaging often saves overall packaging costs.


The global pharma packaging market is on its way to doubling in size between the years.2016-2026. Pharma packaging is gaining more importance as they protect medicines and drugs against external elements such as biocontamination, physical damage and degradation. Due to the enormous amounts of packaging required to fulfil the pharmaceutical markets need, the demand for reusable packaging is on the rise in recent years.


The food packaging industry sector of developing countries derives its strength from the large volume of agricultural production The demand for agricultural packaging is increasing due to the need to improve supply chains efficiency and to reduce food wastage. More than 90% of the food wastage in developing countries occurs during storage and transportation.