Reusable Intelligent Pallet Logistic

There is always room for improvement on the long road to sustainability and that is why RIPL has taken the initiative to minimize the impact on the environment by providing sustainable packaging solutions to the local Egyptian market one step at a time.

RIPL Pallet is committed to develop ways to improve sustainable packaging in various sectors.

RIPL is pioneering the way in the Egyptian market by introducing outsourced returnable transport packaging models that were previously unheard of in the region. RIPL aims to be the leading transit packaging solutions provider offering an immaculate & reliable service, professional consultation as well as transparent pricing.

ISO Certified Suppliers

Our selection of compression pallets are ideal for rigid industrial applications due to its heavy build structure that can withstand enormous loads. Replaceable skids also make it a desired product with the possibility of fixing and re-issuing.

Injection molding is one of the most popular processes of shaping plastics to a desired pallet shape and size. It is suitable for large scale production, especially where the same design of plastic pallet should be molded several times. RIPL offers the option of HDPE as well as recycled material depending on our clients requirements.